Manual wheelchairs are a simple and lightweight mobility solution that are ideal in many scenarios. They are highly maneuverable and easily transported. They can also be folded down to fit into the trunk of virtually any sized vehicle.

Manual wheelchairs are self-propelled, meaning they require human power in order to move. Depending on user preference and capability, the manual chair can be pushed by the person riding in the chair or by a companion. The outer rims on the large rear wheels are made for gripping easily with your hands. They also have adjustable foot rests which provide a comfortable riding level for most users. If needed, the foot rests can be swiveled up to allow the rider to plant their feet firmly on the ground. Standard wheelchairs are flexible but still sturdy, and are also much lighter than powered wheelchairs. This makes them easier to store. To collapse the chair, simply pull up on the flexible seat and press the arm rests together.

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